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Chief of Police    
Gerald H. Smith

Commander of Patrol
David E. Moake, Jr

Commander of Operations/Investigations          Carl Brittingham

Commander of Reserves
James P. Keilman

7408 Constitution Ave
Cedar Lake, IN  46303

Hours of Operation
24 hours daily
each and every day of the year.

Contact Information
For Emergencies Call: 911
Non-Emergency: (219) 374-5416        
Fax (219)374-9231

Chaplaincy Coordinator
Reverend Father John Kowalczyk

Handgun Permits Minimize

  1. Submit your application online to the Indiana State Police by clicking here: ONLINE GUN PERMIT REGISTRATION
  2. After completing your online registration, you will have the option to pay the State Portion of the application fee and to schedule an appointment with L-1 Identity Solutions for fingerprinting. The fingerprinting CANNOT be done at the Cedar Lake Police Department.
  3. After you complete the fingerprinting process with L-1 Identity Solutions, you will need to bring your receipt from L-1 Identity Solutions to the Cedar Lake Police Department with the Town portion of the application fee (CASH ONLY) according to the fee schedule below. Credit cards and personal checks will not be accepted. You can do this on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between the hours of 9:00 A.M. - 12:00 P.M. or by appointment. To make an appointment call (219) 374-5416 extension 111.
  4. Your application will not be processed until the above steps are completed. The estimated time to receive your license using this option is approximately 9-11 weeks.
Effective July 1, 2006
License Type Town of Cedar
Lake Fee
State Fee
4-Year Hunting & Target $10.00 ($5.00*) $5.00
4-Year Personal Protection $10.00 ($5.00*) $30.00
Lifetime Hunting & Target /
No Current Handgun License
$50.00 ($30.00*) $25.00
Lifetime Hunting & Target /
Current Valid Handgun License
$40.00 ($30.00*) $20.00
Lifetime Personal Protection /
No Current Handgun License
$50.00 ($30.00*) $75.00
Lifetime Personal Protection /
Current Valid Handgun License
$40.00 ($30.00*) $60.00
Retired Law Enforcement $10.00 Fee Exempt
Corrections Officer $10.00 Fee Exempt
Firearms Dealer $10.00 Fee Exempt

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